Ai Ye (艾叶), Chinese Mugwort leaf

In ancient China, Chinese doctors used Ai Ye ( 艾叶), which is also known as Chinese mugwort leaf, to treat various common conditions According to many archaeological researches, the recorded history of using this herb as a medicinal application could be traced to around the 17 th BC and 11th BC. There were lots of ancient Chinese doctors wrote books about how to use this herb to treat conditions. 

Ai Ye, Chinese mugwort leaf, can be used internally and externally. It is the main herb commonly used for moxibustion therapy, Ai Jiu (艾灸), in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Effects of Ai Ye, Chinese mugwort:

Ancient Chinese doctors concluded the following effects of these herb’s according to their clinical practice and observation: 

1. Clearing and activating the meridians and the collateralised.

2. Warming the channels and stopping the bleeding.

3. Dispelling coldness and relieving soreness, aches and pains.

4. Regenerating granulation tissues and preventing miscarriage.

5. Reviving Yang Qi and Resuscitating patient from collapse.

6. Preserving life force and nourishing general health.

There are modern scientific researches on this herb that have been done. Here is some brief information of Chinese mugwort pharmacologic activity can be found on the Internet. 

1. Anti cancer activity of flavones isolated from Chinese mugwort has been found against several cancer cell lines in vitro and animal studies.

2. Anti fatigue 

3. Antifungal activity

4. Antioxidant 

5. Cardiovascular system

6. Immune system

The information about its toxicology is limited.

Reference link for the information of modern scientific researches on  Chinese mugwort leaf:

Some of my clients have got help with their skin complaints, such as, Acne, Eczema, Athlet foot, Vaginal thrush, etc., by using Chinese mugwort leaves externally.

Ai Ye, Chinese mugwort leaves are usually made into moxa punk ( also known as moxa wool) or moxa rolls (also known as moxa stick) for external use as moxibustion therapy in TCM. Moxa punk and moxa rolls are used along with acupuncture, sometimes, as well. 

Moxibustion, known as Ai Jiu (艾灸) in Chinese, is one of the oldest ancient natural and powerful therapies in TCM. 

Chinese mugwort leaves have various applications in life. They are eatable and used for cooking in China.  The smoke from burning this herb can keep  mosquitoes and some insects away from people. In ancient China, whenever there was an epidemic and infectious diseases were raging around, people burnt Chinese mugwort leaves for air sterilisation. 

The ash left by burning the Chinese mugwort and the moxa punk have many applications as well. The ash can be used externally to stop bleeding. It is cooked with other Chinese herbs for people to take internally to stop bleeding or help some other conditions. It can be used as a natural fertiliser for growing plants and flowers as well. 

Will write an article about Ai Jiu (艾灸) , moxibustion, soon.

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