Is Aijiu (艾灸), Moxibustion, new to the West?

Most people living in the West may not have heard of Aijiu (艾灸), Moxibustion. And unfortunately have never heard of this traditional Chinese herbal remedy. Yet it is not something new to the West.

This natural remedy originated in China over 50 centuries ago.  Korean and Japanese learnt this therapy and all other therapies included in Chinese medicine from ancient Chinese. Moxibustion and all other Chinese remedies spread throughout Asian countries.

According to historical records, moxibustion was used in Europe about 400 years ago.

The German physician Engelbert Kaempfer (1651-1716) recorded treating diseases with moxibustion and descriptions and illustrations of moxibustion in his work. 

Baron Dominique-Jean Larrey (1766-1842), the French surgeon, (Napoleon’s surgeon general), used moxibustion to treat conditions during his military service and after.

It shows that aijiu, moxibustion, was used and made a contribution to people’s health in the West at that time.

Our mission is to see this powerful remedy benefit more and more people in the West and not let this incredible therapy fade into the realms of history.


4 Replies to “Is Aijiu (艾灸), Moxibustion, new to the West?”

  1. JPR says:

    Interesting to read that Moxibustion has been used in the west from as early as the Seventeenth century.Are there any records of later use in nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.?


  2. jackie says:

    Would moxibustion be helpful to treat insomnia?


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