moxibustion (ai jiu) &the 3rd chinese solar term — jing zhe (惊蛰)

The third Chinese Solar Term is called “Jing Zhe”, the awakening of insects. It is the third Chinese Solar Term in Spring. It arrives on 05/03/2021.The traditional Chinese folklore says that from this time, thunderstorms would wake up hibernating insects which indicates the weather is getting warmer.

During this period of time, there could be big temperature changes within a single day. It’s still important to keep warm.

This is the time for nourishing Yang energy (Yang Qi) and energy in the live meridians and gallbladder meridians. 

For general wellbeing, the following acupuncture points can be used with moxibustion therapy: 

1. Da Zhui, also known as ‘GV 14’, ‘Du-14’

2. Xuan Shu, also known as ‘GV 5’, ‘Du-5’

3. Shui Fen, also known as ‘CV 9’, ‘Ren-9’

4. Xia Wan, also known as ‘CV 10’, ‘Ren-10’

5. Gan Shu, also known as ‘Liver Shu’, ‘BL18’

6. Qi Hai, also named as ‘Sea of Qi’, ‘CV 6’, ‘Ren-6’

7. Yang Chi, also known as ‘TH 4’

8. Tai Chong, also named as ‘ LV 3’

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