Moxibustion (Ai Jiu) & The 6th Chinese Solar Term — Gu Yu (谷雨)

The sixth Chinese Solar Term is called ‘Gu Yu’, ‘Grain Rain’.  It is the last Chinese solar Term in Spring. It falls on 19/04/2021. It is the last Solar term in Spring.  Crops grow due to plentiful rainfall from then on. Temperature goes up more quickly than other time of Spring. The amount of rainfall and higher temperature are very important for crops growth. After this day, the duckweed starts to grow after rainfall, the cuckoo starts to sing and hoopoe starts to appear on mulberry tree.

For general health preservation, during this period of time, digestive system starts to get stronger again and the Heart Qi, energy in heart meridians, starts to get stronger gradually. So, it’s very important to nourish and invigorate Spleen Qi, energy in spleen meridians. 

The following acupuncture points could be used with moxibustiontcm therapy for regimen and healthcare.

Zhong Shu, also called ‘Du-07, GV 7’

Xin Shu, also known as ‘Heart Shu, BL 15, UB 15’

Dan Shu, also called ‘UB 19, BL 19, BL-19’

Pi Shu, also known as ‘Spleen Shu, BL 20, UB 20’

Nei Guan, also known as ‘Inner Gate, Pericardium 6, P-6’

Zhong Wan, also known as ‘CV 12, Ren-12’

Qi Hai, also known as ‘CV 6, Ren-6’

Zu San Li, also known as ‘ ST 36, Stomach-36’ 

Yin Ling Quan, also known as ‘Spleen9, SP-9’

San Yin Jiao, also known as ‘Spleen 6, SP-6’

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