moxibustion (ai jiu) & the 9th chinese solar term — mang zhong(芒种)

The ninth Chinese Solar Term is called ‘Mang Zhong’, ‘Mountain crops such as wheat are mature and ready to be harvested’. It is the third Solar term in Summer of a year. It comes on 05/06/2021.  Temperature and rainfall  increase gradually and humidity of the air increases gradually as well. Due

Moxibustion (ai jiu) & The 8th Chinese solar term — xiao man(小满)

The eighth Chinese Solar Term is called ‘Xiao Man’, ‘The lesser fullness of grains’. It is the second Solar term in the Northern Hemisphere in Summer. The seed plumpness of the Summer crops starts. It arrives on 21/05/2021.  The season of hot and humid days commences. Human body could get

moxibustion (ai jiu) & The 7th Chinese Solar term — Li Xia (立夏)

The seventh Chinese Solar Term is called ‘Li Xia’, ‘the beginning of Summer’. It is the first Solar term in Summer.  It occurs on 05/05/2021 in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the first Chinese Solar Term in Summer. The Yang energy (Yang Qi) in Nature gets a lot stronger than

Moxibustion (Ai Jiu) & The 6th Chinese Solar Term — Gu Yu (谷雨)

The sixth Chinese Solar Term is called ‘Gu Yu’, ‘Grain Rain’.  It is the last Chinese solar Term in Spring. It falls on 19/04/2020. It is the last Solar term in Spring.  Crops grow due to plentiful rainfall from then on. Temperature goes up more quickly than other time of

Moxibustion (ai jiu) & the 5th chinese solar term — qing ming (清明)

The fifth Solar term of the 24 Chinese Solar Terms is called: Qing Ming, The pure brightness. It is the fifth Chinese Solar Term in Spring. It occurs on 04/04/2021. Grass and trees thrive more from now on. The Yang energy rises more both in Nature and human body. For

moxibustion(Ai jiu) & The 4th Chinese solar term — chun fen (Spring equinox,春分)

The fourth Solar Term of the Chinese 24 Solar Term is called: Chun Fen, The Spring Equinox. It is the fourth Chinese Solar Term in Spring. It comes on 20/03/2021. The length of day and night are almost equal on this day in the Northern Hemisphere. The Yin energy and

moxibustion (ai jiu) &the 3rd chinese solar term — jing zhe (惊蛰)

The third Chinese Solar Term is called “Jing Zhe”, the awakening of insects. It is the third Chinese Solar Term in Spring. It arrives on 05/03/2021.The traditional Chinese folklore says that from this time, thunderstorms would wake up hibernating insects which indicates the weather is getting warmer. During this period

Mosibustion (Ai Jiu) & The 2nd Chinese Solar Term— Yu Shui(雨水)

The second Solar term is called ‘ Yu Shui’, also known as ‘ The rain water’ in English. It is the second Chinese Solar Term in Spring as well. It falls on 18/02/2021. In general, in most of the Northern Hemisphere at this time of the year, temperature rises above

moxibustion(AI JIU) & the 1st chinese solar term — Li Chun (立春)

The first Solar term is called ‘Li Chun’, also known as ‘the beginning of Spring’ in English.  It is the first Chinese Solar Term in Spring as well. It comes on 03/02/2021.  In the Northern Hemisphere, the Yang energy in Nature starts to rise more from this Solar term until

Moxibustion & The 24th Chinese Solar Term — Da Han

The twenty-fourth Chinese Solar Term is called ‘Da Han’, ‘The greater cold’. The coldest time of a year. It’s the sixth Solar Term in Winter of the year. It falls on 20/01/2021. The 23rd and the 24th Chinese Solar Term are the coldest period of time each year in the Northern Hemisphere.  The extremity reached,

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