Moxibustion “Chinese Magic Wand”

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a big treasure for human’s well-being. Apart from acupuncture, it includes other powerful therapies as well. There are more and more people in the west have known that acupuncture can help various conditions. But, there is another very effective therapy in TCM hasn’t been known so well as acupuncture in the West yet. What is it? It is called Aijiu,艾灸,also known as Moxibustion in English

I would like to see people in the West get lots more information about Aijiu, 艾灸,Moxibustion,  on this blog and hope Some of them can get benefits by trying this ancient Chinese remedy. I would also hope that this blog can be a platform for people worldwide who would like to try this effective treatment and to exchange their experiences with this wonderful remedy as well.

It’s really not so many years past , that most of the westerners hardly knew very much about what acupuncture is and what health benefits it had. As time went on, the more people tried it and got good results from it, the more attention was drawn to the conventional doctors and scientists in the west. Nowadays, the World Health Organisation (WHO) also have listed conditions can be helped by acupuncture on their official website. It’s not easy for everyone to do acupuncture treatment on his or her own. But, Moxibustion is a powerful therapy can be carried out at home in a proper way which makes it more economical especially for people who need frequent and long term treatment.

The more people know about this unique Chinese therapy — moxibustion, try it and get benefits from it, in the long run, the more research on it would be done in the west and the more attention would be drawn to the scientists and western doctors.

No matter how good a therapy could be, it still doesn’t mean that it would be a cure for all the ailments and diseases. If someone had tried moxibustion treatment for a little while and couldn’t see any benefits, it would be important to keep searching for some other remedies which could be right for his or her condition(s).

We would like to receive more feedbacks from people who have come across this blog and tried this ancient Chinese therapy — moxibustion.

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