Helping severe cystic acne with TCM

Saw a client who has severe cystic acne since he was a teenager. There were so many cysts on his skin and many black heads in his skin as well. They were sore and itchy and burst sometimes,  pus or blood came out from the broken skin. 

His GP had prescribed various antibiotic tablets and he also needed minor surgery to break the cysts and drain the infection. The cysts just kept occurring at different parts of his skin. Since he started to take Chinese herbal treatment, including moxibustion self-treatment, he hasn’t needed go to have any treatment using western medicine. He asked me how to get rid of the black heads, nothing had been recommended by his doctors, at the beginning of his consultation with me for TCM treatment. I told him that the blackheads would come off on their own when his skin started to heal. The skin is now healing  and a lot of these have indeed fallen off as I predicted.

About three weeks ago, another person has the same type of skin condition came to See me. This condition could be associated with some genetic factor. His skin condition was much worse. One of the lumps on his left hip burst and had been bleeding for two years. It was also very painful. He had to be careful of his posture whilst sitting down in a chair to avoid the pain and had to wear plasters to cover it everyday. The cysts under his both armpits also burst, Pus or blood kept leaking out. I suggested him to take a Chinese herbal drink and do moxibustion self- treatment at home on daily basis. Within two weeks, the  soreness and bleeding got less and less. He came back to see me. The cysts under his both armpits has now healed. The bleeding on his left hip is almost healed and he doesn’t need to wear plasters everyday, this was after the third week of TCM treatment. He said that he only needed to wear a plaster at odd time over the past week. He is very pleased with the present result and wanted to continue the Chinese herbal treatment, including moxibustion self-treatment. 

Moxibustion, this external treatment, can be very effective on healing wounds.

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