Moxibustion can have good effects on recovery of damaged bone(s) — another case 

Before reading the following article , we would like to state that we do not devalue any known effective therapies or medicines for helping patients’ conditions and rehabilitation. We just try to relay information about a powerful ancient Chinese natural remedy to people who would benefit and may like to try this complimentary therapy.

We have listed a few of our clients’ testimonials regarding their injuries healed with moxibustion self- treatment as outlined on a previous article. This is an additional case.

A lady who is 77 years old had a fracture in her right wrist on 07/07/2015. She had the plaster on. Ten days later, the doctor took off the cast and put on another one for her.  The second cast was removed on 18/08/2015. She decided to try the moxibustion self-treatment two days after the plaster had been removed. There was pain and swelling in her wrist at that time.

Here is a photo taken before the moxibustion self-treatment started.


Within four weeks, the pain in her wrist went away completely. The swelling came down quite a bit. Here is a photo taken at that time.


19 days after the second photo taken, the swelling was less again. She went back to see the surgeon at the local hospital on 13/10/2015. They did x-Ray and physical examination on her wrist. Everything was fine, so the surgeon discharged her. 

The photo below was taken on the day after she had left the hospital. (19 days after the second photo was taken.)


In general, functional recovery for stable fractures without complications can be six months and 1-2 years for complex fractures. Sometimes, even for younger people, some can still experience pain, stiffness, swelling, limited movements in related joints months after a fracture, let alone in a older person. Her wrist was pain free within four weeks after getting the cast off. In fact, she would have recovered even faster if she could have had the moxibustion self-treatment when she was having the cast on.

According to the cases we have known, moxibustion self- treatment is worth trying when people have bone damage. The faster they can recover from the fractures,  the better for them to go back to their normal life, the less pain they would have to go through. It should be more economical, including time saving, for them too. People would not need to go anywhere and rely on anyone else or any devices for their damaged bone(s) rehabilitation so much as they would normally have to. Like this lady, her GP wanted to see her and thought that she may need to be referred to a physiotherapist for some treatment. However, she has been discharged by the surgeon at the hospital before her appointment with her GP!!! 

When people can recover faster from their fractures or any other injuries or operations by having moxibustion home therapy safely, it would save medical resources for the whole society as well!

If any person who is unfortunate to have a fracture or recovering from a fracture and would like to try moxibustion treatment at home as well, if you want to discuss your case with us and get further information of how to do the self-treatment, please contact us. We are happy to help you with tailor-made instructions for this therapy.

The earlier you start it, the faster your fracture could heal and the less suffering you would need to experience and the sooner would you enjoy your normal life again!

You are welcome to sharing your story of trying this ancient Chinese magic remedy on this platform. Your successful experience would be helpful for other people who need this therapy in future.

Please note: The ways of doing moxibustion self-treatment with and without having a cast on can be very different.

13 Replies to “Moxibustion can have good effects on recovery of damaged bone(s) — another case ”

  1. jackie says:

    Would this treatment also work for damaged muscles and ligaments


    • WEI WANG says:

      Yes, it would. We have posted some of our clients’ testimonials on this link. Those clients who had got damaged muscles and ligaments or even fractures have got faster recovery by doing this treatment at home.


  2. catherineescanlon says:

    I was just trying this on my recovering Collis fracture in right wrist (a year on) – tricky to give moxa using left hand, and slightly wondering about moxa round the wrist area – an acupuncturist once told me to keep away from Heart 7; it seemed that the thenar eminence might be most helped with this – so I concentrated on that area. Feel like I’d like more knowledge/ experience with this.


    • WEI WANG says:

      Thank you very much for leaving your comments and sharing your experience here. It would be good to know how much the moxibustion self treatment has helped. The effects depend on how you work with it, how long and how often you do the treatment at home, etc.. Hope you have seen big improvement already. We could give some helpful advice if we knew more details of your condition. Would be appreciated if you could share our link with other people after getting good results from trying this self treatment.


  3. catherineescanlon says:

    mm, I wonder how one would do moxa through a cast?

    I hope you don’t mind my saying but the forearm looks quite curvy in the last picture – I wonder why. I notice this because if bones aren’t realigned properly then it seems odd shapes may arise – I have heard that ‘fork’ shape is common post Collis fracture, though I haven’t quite got to grips with what this actually means and looks like.


    • WEI WANG says:

      Thanks for your question. The surgeon did X-Ray before discharging her. Therefore, the bones should heal well. The photos were taken by one of her relatives. The curve was because of the swelling hadn’t gone completely yet by then and the posture they set. For people at her age, the healing to that extent is good enough within short period of time. In the article, we said that the patient didn’t try moxibustion self- treatment until the plaster had been taken off. There are ways of doing the treatment with the cast on.


  4. holagranola says:

    Hi there. My left 9th rib was fractured 5 days ago. I found your article insightful. What are the moxa points to encourage most effective recovery? Thank you for your time.


    • WEI WANG says:

      Really sorry for not being able to reply to your message in time. Would like to trust that your fracture is healed very well. The easiest way of helping the fracture healing with the moxa self-healing therapy is to hold the moxa roll over the fractured area.


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