Moxibustion & the 8th Chinese Solar Term

The eighth Chinese Solar Term is called ‘Xiao Man’, ‘The lesser fullness of grains’. It is the second Solar term in Summer. The seed plumpness of the Summer crops starts. It arrives on 20/05/2016. 

The season of hot and humid days commences. Human body could get affected more easily by humidity in Nature and could accumulate excess dampness more easily as well. This is the good time to expel excess dampness in system by doing moxibustion treatment. 

The following acupuncture points could be reference of clearing excess dampness with moxibustion treatment.

Cheng Shan, also known as ‘Mountain Support’, ‘UB57, BL57’.

Feng Long, also known as ‘Abundant Buldge’, ‘ST40’.

Ying Ling Quan, also known as ‘Yin Mound Spring’, ‘SP9’.

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