Can Moxibustion help dizziness caused by Benign positional vertigo?

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is also called “Benign positional vertigo”, “Otolithiasis”. It’s one of the most common causes of vertigo. It can cause brief episodes of intense dizziness when a patient’s certain head positions or movements. The sudden sensation of spinning is generally thought to be caused by tiny solid  fragments (Otoconia) in the inner ear labyrinth.  The related symptoms could be:

Dizziness. Patients could feel it hard to keep their eyes open, can’t lie on one side, etc..


The sense that you or your surroundings are spinning or moving (vertigo)

The loss of balance or unsteadiness


Although there are effective treatments for patients, sometimes, the symptoms still could bother some patients for a couple of months.

Lately, one of our clients has tried Moxibustion therapy for helping this condition.  We are posting her case story briefly here. Hope the information can be some help of some patients have the same condition out there.

Patient M., Female, Age 73, Date of accident: 31/05/2016

Patient had sudden dizziness, nausea, a sense of spinning, a loss of balance, sweat at about 5:30 in the morning when she was getting out of bed. The symptoms occurred several times when she was changing her postures and her head positions. She couldn’t lie on her left side. She went to the A&E of a hospital in the afternoon and the doctors there did thorough examinations on her and told her that the initial diagnosis for her condition was BPPV and gave her some tablets to reduce the dizziness. She needed to make appointments for the canalith repositioning procedure (CRP) treatments, etc.. She had to wait for a week for an appointment for the treatment.

It was about 20:00 on the same day when she told me about her condition. She still couldn’t lie down by then. I suggested her to try the moxibustion self-treatment to get some relief from the dizziness and told her the way of carrying it out.

She said that the dizziness was a lot less after using the moxibustion slef-treatment for about an hour and she could lie down and sleep well on that night. Other symptoms went away completely.

The dizziness was nearly  gone the next morning. She continued  doing the treatments for two more  days and the condition went away. It hasn’t come back by now.

4 Replies to “Can Moxibustion help dizziness caused by Benign positional vertigo?”

  1. Really interesting! My boyfriend is currently afflicted with a bout of vertigo and I was wondering of moxa would help, then stumbled upon this case. What was the specific process of moxibustion used here/what areas were targeted?


    • WEI WANG says:

      Thanks for contacting us. There are a few acupuncture points could be involved. Have you got the products for the treatment yet? This method has given another person had the same problem lately huge relief before the person went to see an ENT specialist.


    • WEI WANG says:

      Have read your comment again. Regarding where or what ares targeted, does your boyfriend has the vertigo caused by the same condition? Different factors cause vertigo, the treatment method and the ares to be targeted could be different.


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