Moxibustion & the 18th Chinese Solar Term

The eighteenth Chinese Solar Term is called “Shuang Jiang”, also known as ‘ The frost decent’ in English. It’s the 6th solar term and the last one as well in Autumn of the year. In general, in the northern hemisphere, the frost begins to form. It comes on 23/10/2016.

In the northern hemisphere, this period of time is the transition phase from Autumn to Winter. In Nature, the temperature difference between day and night gets bigger. It is important to add more layers from now on to stay warm, especially, to keep the waist, legs and feet warm. And the key for health maintenance is to regulate the energy of spleen and stomach.

The following acupuncture points could be used with moxibustion therapy for regimen and healthcare in this season.

Da Zhui, also known as ‘GV 14’

Fei Shu, also known as ‘BL-13’, ‘UB 13’

Pi Shu, also known as ‘BL-20’, ‘UB 20’

Shen Shu, also known as ‘BL-23’, ‘UB 23′

Dan Zhong, also known as ‘CV 17’

Guan Yuan, also known as ‘CV 4’

Nei Guan, also known as ‘P6’,

Zu San Li, also known as ‘ST 36’, ‘Stomach 36’


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