Moxibustion & the 20th Chinese Solar Term

The twentieth Chinese Solar Term is called “Xiao Xue”, also known as ‘The lesser snow’. Snow begins to fall. Temperatures plunge and start to be lower than zero degree Celsius around this time. The first snow of the Winter usually comes in some places in China around this day.  It’s the second Solar term in Winter of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere, it will be  on 22/11/2016. Actually, the first snow of this Winter has arrived in Beijing and some places in China on 21/11/2016 already.

The following acupuncture points could be used with moxibustion therapy for regimen and healthcare in this period of time.

Zhi Yang, also known as ‘GV 9’

Shen Shu, also known as ‘BL-23’, ‘UB 23’

Dan Zhong, also known as ‘CV 17’

Shen Que, also known as ‘Spirit Gate’, ‘CV 8’, ‘Ren-08’

Guan Yuan, also known as ‘CV 4’, ‘Ren-04’, ‘Origin pass’, ‘Gate of the source’

San Yin Jiao, also known as ‘SP 6’

Yong Quan, also known as ‘ KD 1’, ‘KI-01’, ‘Gushing Spring’, ‘Bubbling well’


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