Moxibustion & The 22nd Chinese Solar Term

The twenty-second Chinese Solar Term is called ‘Dong Zhi’, also known as ‘Winter  Solstice’. In China, from  this day, people count 9 days as a period. The third and fourth nine-day periods are the coldest time of the Winter. After 9 nine-day periods, 81 days from the Winter Solstice, the winter of the year will end the Spring of the new year will arrive. One of the traditional Chinese customs is that people would start to take more tonics along with food and drinks to nourish the energy and blood of the body. It is the fourth Solar Term in Winter of the year. It arrives on 21/12/2016.

In the Northern Hemisphere, The Yin energy reaches its peak in a year. The shortest daytime and the longest nighttime of a year. The Yin Qi (Yin Energy) in human body reaches the peak as well. One of the most important theories in traditional Chinese  medicine (TCM) is that there is correspondence between human and nature. The energy changes in Nature and man are mutually responsive. It’s the time of a year for people to do moxibustion treatment/ moxibustion self-treatment and/or some other Chinese remedies, including herbal treatment and Qi Gong (Chi Kung) exercises to consolidate renal, replenish vital essence and modulate immunity and to cure/treat some chronic conditions and prevent some conditions getting worse and restore the vital life force better for next year. Moxibustion therapy could be a helpful option for people have sub-health in Winter as well.

The following acupuncture points could be used with moxibustion therapy for regimen and healthcare in this season.

Shen Que, also known as ‘Spirit Gate’, ‘CV 8, CV-8’, ‘Ren 8’

Guan Yuan, also known as ‘CV 4’, ‘Ren 4’, ‘Gate of origin’, ‘Origin pass’

Zu San Li, also known as ‘ST 36, ST-36’ 

San Yin Jiao, also known as ‘Spleen 6, SP-6’

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