How fast could Moxibustion–Aijiu(艾灸) , help fracture healing?

We have posted some of our clients’ encouraging feedbacks about healing injuries, including fractures, with moxibustion, aijiu (艾灸), self treatment  online since approx two years ago. Not sure how many people have read our articles and tried this ancient Chinese natural therapy and got benefits from it. It’s one of the therapies of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It can be carried out properly and safely at home and can be very powerful and effective, sometimes.

In general, functional recovery for stable fractures without complications can be six months and 1-2 years for complex fractures. Sometimes, even for younger people, some can still experience pain, stiffness, swelling, limited movements in related joints months after a fracture and after the cast is removed.

We are writing a case report now and hoping that some people who are recovering from fractures could get good results from trying this home therapy properly after reading this article.

The patient is a boy, 8 years old. He fell and had fracture in his left forearm during the end of  January, 2017. His forearm was put on a cast until 03/03/2017. His parents didn’t bring him to see us until 27/02/2017. They  asked if there are any remedies of TCM can help his recovery better. We explained to them that there are some remedies of TCM, including moxibustion, aijiu (艾灸), self treatment  can be helpful for a fracture healing right from the day one after the fracture happens. They agreed to try the moxibustion self treatment on their son once the plaster was removed. We gave them full instructions of how to do this self treatment properly and safely and we did a demonstration to make sure they understood well about the usage, etc.. We also asked them to take photos after the cast is removed and before starting the moxibustion self treatment.

The boy went to see the doctor and got the plaster taken off on 03/03/3017. He complained about the limited movements in his left hand and the pain in his left forearm and hand, especially the pain in his left thumb, index finger and middle finger. The doctor suggested his mother to give him some painkillers for pain relief.  

The following photo is taken on that afternoon after he had gone back home. Comparing the two arms of his, there is swelling not very far from his left wrist.

His mother did the moxibustion home therapy once on that day after taking the above photo. And did this treatment twice  on him the next day. He didn’t complain about the pain very much after the first treatment, so she didn’t give him any painkillers. On the morning of 05/03/2017, his mother told us that he was pain free, the limited movements had been better and the swelling had gone down noticeably. Three treatments of this Chinese natural therapy have given him pain free within 48 hours! It is faster than it normally takes for a lot of people had got the same type of fracture to be pain free. It is faster than a lot of people might have thought!

She spent 30 minutes doing the treatment for him everyday or every other day.  The following photo is taken on 25/03/2017.

It’s hard to see any swelling in his left forearm on the photo by then. The swelling went away in three weeks and he has got full movements back. His left dorsal carpal stripe can be seen on the photo more clearly than its on the photo taken on 03/03/2017.

The picture below is to show the difference of his left forearm before the self treatment and three weeks after the treatment. We put two pictures of his left forearm’s together. The left one is taken before starting the treatment. The right one is taken three weeks after the treatment.


This case shows again that moxibustion self- treatment is worth trying when people have bone damage. The faster they can recover from the fractures,  the better for them to go back to their normal life, the less pain they would have to experience.

When people can recover faster from their fractures or any other injuries or operations by having moxibustion home therapy safely, it would save medical resources for the whole society as well!

If any person who is unfortunate to have a fracture or recovering from a fracture and would like to try moxibustion treatment at home as well, if you want to discuss your case with us and get further instructions of how to do the self-treatment, please contact us. 

The earlier you start it, the faster could your fracture heal, the less suffering would you need to go through and the sooner would you enjoy your normal life again!

You are welcome to sharing your story of trying this ancient Chinese magic remedy on this platform. Your successful experience would be helpful for other people who need this therapy in future.

Please note: The ways of doing moxibustion self-treatment with and without having a cast on can be very different. It’s important to consult a practitioner/doctor of traditional Chinese medicine experienced in helping people’s conditions with moxibustion therapy and get proper instruction before starting this home therapy. We are happy to tell anyone who would like to turn to us about the details of how to carry it out. 

6 Replies to “How fast could Moxibustion–Aijiu(艾灸) , help fracture healing?”

  1. Ivan Iriarte says:

    Hello. I am a physician and acupuncturist. I use moxa all the time with acupuncture with my patients, so you don’t have to convince me about its value. I had a distal radial fracture six weeks ago. I am off the cast and doing well. But certainly willing to use moxa to accelerate recovery. I am curious about your moxa self-treatment. How do I do it? Apply moxa over the fracture area? Over acupuncture points? I am 67 yo.


    • WEI WANG says:

      Thanks for your interest in this blog. Thank you for your belief in Chinese Traditional Medicine. Glad to know that you have been practising acupuncture and moxibustion therapies which belong to Chinese Traditional Medicine. Sorry to hear that you had a fracture six weeks ago. The easiest way of helping your fracture healing with moxa self-treatment is to hold a moxa roll, better the smoke one, over the fracture area. You would want to move the herbal roll along the swelling area as well.


    • WEI WANG says:

      If you would like to take a photo of your fractured area before starting this home therapy and a few days after, you would be able to see the improvement. This blog link is not only for introducing information about Ai Jiu (Moxibustion) Therapy to more people who would be interested in Chinese Traditional Medicine, but also a platform for people who have tried the powerful moxa self-treatment to share their successful experiences in it online. You would be very well welcome to share your fracture rehabilitation with moxa self-treatment if you wanted to. Hope you can have the benefits by trying the therapy for your recovery.


  2. Ivan Iriarte says:

    Thank you so much for your response. I will start the treatment today. As I said, the injury occurred more than six weeks ago, and fortunately my wrist and foremarm look good on a picture. I do not have significant swelling or deformity. Only atrophy of the muscles from the immobilization, amd limitation of my wrist range of motion. But the healing process may take a while to return to 100%. Posting a picture right now will not show much, I believe, but I will keep you informed about the progress. Thank you again.


    • WEI WANG says:

      Thanks for your reply, Ivan. The Ai Jiu (Moxibustion) self-treatment should promote the local blood flow which would benefit the atrophy of the muscles and aches and pains. There are ways of doing this home therapy even when people are on casts, etc.. Anyway, would like to hear the progress of your rehabilitation with this natural therapy in the near future.


  3. Patricia Combs says:

    Could you tell me how to use the moxa stick for a broken wrist? I broke it in July and it has been out of the cast for almost two weeks. It is still swollen some and painful. Do I use the moxa over the swollen areas or just on nearby points? I am a retired acupuncturist but have never treated myself in this way. I have taken pictures of my wrist. Thank you!


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