Moxibustion & The 1st Chinese Solar Term — Li Chun (The beginning of Spring)

The first Solar term is called ‘Li Chun’, also known as ‘the beginning of Spring’ in English.  It is the first Chinese Solar Term in Spring as well. It comes on 04/02/2020. 

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Yang energy in Nature starts to rise more from this Solar term until the Summer Solstice every year. A lot of plants start to sprout. In human body, the Yang energy synchronous rises too. Therefore, It would be good to consider having a session of moxibustion treatment to help general health preservation and also helping some chronic conditions on this particular day or maybe even have a couple of sessions of moxibustion treatments around this period.

For general wellbeing, the following three acupuncture points could be chosen for moxibustion treatments.

1. Qi Hai, also named as ‘ CV 6, Conception Vessel 6, Ren-6, Sea of Qi, Ocean of energy, Dan tian’.

This point stores Yang energy.

Working on this point with moxibustion, it would tonify the Yang energy in the system and help its rising.

2. Qu Chi, also named as ‘Large Intestine Point 11, LI 11’.

Doing moxibustion treatment on this point, it could help the rising Yang energy and be good for eye sight.

3. Tai Chong, also named as ‘Liver 3, LV 3’.

This point is very important for helping the energy flows well in the Liver Meridians. Having acupressure, acupuncture or/and moxibustion treatment on this point, it should help the Yang energy rise and protect the Liver. This point also has good effects on reducing stress, anger and anxious and helping low moods.

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