Moxibustion & The 7th Chinese Solar Term–Li Xia

The seventh Chinese Solar Term is called ‘Li Xia’, ‘the beginning of Summer’. It is the first Solar term in Summer.  It occurs on 05/05/2020 in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the first Chinese Solar Term in Summer. The Yang energy (Yang Qi) in Nature gets a lot stronger than it is in Spring. It rises more quickly in human body as well.

For people have chronic conditions, Summer is the best season to have moxibustion treatment, including moxibustion self-treatment, to help their conditions more. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), there is a method of helping conditions get worse in  Winter due to the deficiency of Yang energy (Yang Qi)  throughout Summer to cure them or make them eased more when Winter comes, it’s also called: Winter diseases being cared in Summer. 

For health preservation, during this period of time, it’s important to warm and tonify Yang energy (Yang Qi), invigorate heart and spleen and strengthen the function of spleen and stomach. 

The following acupuncture points could be used with moxibustion therapy for regimen and healthcare.

Xin Shu, also known as ‘Heart Shu’, ‘UB 15, BL-15’

Pi Shu, also known as ‘Spleen Shu’, ‘UB 20, BL-20’

Nei Guan, also known as ‘P6’, ‘Pericardium 6’, ‘Inner Gate’

Zhong Wan, also known as ‘CV 12, Ren-12’

Shen Que, also known as ‘CV 8, Ren-8’, it’s in the centre of the navel

Qi Hai, also known as ‘CV 6, Ren-6’

Zu San Li, also known as ‘ ST 36, Stomach-36’

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