Moxibustion & The 9th Chinese Solar Term — Mang Zhong

The ninth Chinese Solar Term is called ‘Mang Zhong’, ‘Mountain crops such as wheat are mature and ready to be harvested’. It is the third Solar term in Summer of a year. It comes on 05/06/2020. 

Temperature and rainfall  increase gradually and humidity of the air increases gradually as well. Due to humid saturation, perspiration is poor and fails to eliminate enough body heat in time. We could feel very tired and uncomfortable. The damp pathogen could affect the function of digestive system and cause poor appetite. Due to the higher and higher temperature, most of people would take more cold foods and drinks which could cause coldness and dampness accumulated in our system even more. During this period of time, for general well being, it would be important to coordinate intestines and stomach and expel pathogenic coldness and dampness. Moxibustion treatment can be very helpful for regulating digestive function.

The following acupuncture points could be used with moxibustion therapy for regimen and healthcare in this season.

Ming Men, also known as ‘Gate of vitality’, ‘Life Gate’, ‘GV 4’

Shen Shu, also known as ‘UB 23, BL-23’

Zhong Wan, also known as ‘CV 12, Ren-12’

Guan Yuan, also known as ‘CV 4’

Zu San Li, also known as ‘ST 36, ST-36’ 

San Yin Jiao, also known as ‘Spleen 6, SP-6’

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