Moxibustion & The 24th Chinese Solar Term — Da Han

The twenty-fourth Chinese Solar Term is called ‘Da Han’, ‘The greater cold’. The coldest time of a year. It’s the sixth Solar Term in Winter of the year. It falls on 20/01/2021. The 23rd and the 24th Chinese Solar Term are the coldest period of time each year in the Northern Hemisphere.

 The extremity reached, the course reversed. In the Northern Hemisphere, temperature gets to the lowest level of the year. The Yin Qi (Ying Energy) in Nature reaches its peak and the Yang Qi (Yang Energy) rises very slowly but steadily between Winter Solstice and the end of this period of time. There is correspondence between man and universe. So, The same energy exchange happens in human body as well. This is a good time to do some moxibustion treatment to help the energy alteration and prevent getting ailments.

The following acupuncture points could be used with moxibustion therapy for regimen and healthcare during this period of time.

Da Zhui, also known as ‘GV 14’, ‘Great Hammer’, ‘Large Vertebra’

Shen Shu, also known as ‘BL-23’, ‘UB 23’

Yao Yang Guan, also known as ‘ GV3, DU-03’

Shen Que, also known as ‘Spirit Gate’, ‘CV 8’, ‘Ren-08’

Guan Yuan, also known as ‘CV 4’, ‘Ren-04’, ‘Origin pass’, ‘Gate of the source’, ‘Gate of origin’

Zu San Li, also known as ‘ST 36’, ‘Stomach 36’

San Yin Jiao, also known as ‘SP 6’

Yong Quan, also known as ‘ KD 1’, ‘KI-01’, ‘Gushing Spring’, ‘Bubbling well’

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