Important Information In Relation To Moxibustion Self Treatment.

1. Please stop the treatment immediately and open the window widely if you suddenly had any of the following discomforts during the treatment session: 

Dizziness, sickness, palpitation, short of breath, a lot of sweat, paled complexion.

2. Make sure you extinguish the burning moxa punk or moxa roll(s) properly  when you finish a session of the treatment to avoid any potential fire hazard.

3. If the ash falls on clothes or skin, blow it away as quickly as possible to avoid getting burnt. People who have a Diabetic condition who want to try this therapy at home need to be very careful of inflicting burns. Any person who is not mobile or elderly also children who need moxibustion treatments, it’s important to ask one of their family members to be with them during a session of the treatment, or to assist in the treatment and continually check if the temperature is too high for the patient.

4. After completing the treatment, please do not have any cold drink or food straight away. It’s fine to take a little warm drink, such as warm water, warm herbal drinks. 

5. Please avoid cold drinks, food etc, including icy or cold water, for about half an hour after the treatment. 

6. Preferably leave half an hour or so after having a meal and before doing the treatment.

7. It is possible that some people might feel tired, sleepy, a little bit thirsty, after the treatment. In general, no need worry about this, it’s good to rest, in a short time the tiredness  will disappear.

8. A Delicate but nutrious diet is recommended after the treatment.

9. During a session of the treatment, the skin might get very damp. Dry the skin with a clean cotton cloth when this occurs.

10. Some people might get an itchy rash or blisters on the skin after applying  the treatment once or a few times. It could be a way of detox. Please stop the treatment on the related area until the skin heals. For the blisters, better to seek medical advice and help. There are some very good Chinese herbal products can help the healing of the skin. Any experienced doctors of TCM Would know how to help you with it.

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