Damaged ureter and urethra healed with Aijiu, moxibustion.

Ureter, urethra and bladder could get injured during some surgeries which would cause the patient’s extrem mental and physical pain. Sometimes, it could lead even more serious consequences. 

There are not many reports on any kinds of natural therapy has helped the damage recover well and fast can be found on line.  We have helped a client successfully. Here is her brief story.

On the 21 st of December 2012, it was necessary for me to have a full Abdominal Hysterectomy. Ten days following this major surgery I was still experiencing pain from my left kidney and following various tests it was discovered that during surgery damage had been caused to my left ureter which links the kidney to the bladder. Because of this problem, I had to undergo two further operations during which I was fitted with a nephrostomy bag. This was extremely mentally and physically damaging to me.At this point, I was told that I would definitely require a further operation in order to re-implant my urethra. Following advice from a friend I made an appointment with Wei, a Chinese Medical Practitioner. Following her advice, I was treated with Moxibustion, the Chinese translation of which is Aijiu. I used this herb based remedy in the form of a heat pack on a daily basis and found it to be warm and very comforting. I noticed that the scarring was healing better on the area where I was holding the heat pack. The doctors involved in my operations commented upon how well I had healed and at this point no further surgery , as suggested, is necessary.

S. McC

April, 2013

Feel sorry for anyone has experienced and is experiencing this suffer. Would like to see more people who  have the same internal injuries could try moxibustion self treatment and get benefits. Would you like to share your story with more people if the information has helped you? 

Anyone who’s is having the same or similar internal damage and would like to turn to us for help with this self-treatment, just contact us and you will get your tailor-made instructions of how to carry it out at home on daily basis.

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