Want a faster recovery from post operation? Moxibustion – worth trying

Moxibustion can be very good to help speed up the healing of post operations, both internally and externally. 

In one of my previous blogs, I mentioned one of the healing effects of moxibustion is: Promoting micro circulation which would disperse bruises and promote the healing of fractures, Wounds, incisions, hematoma, seroma, etc.

Would like to show the two photos from one of our clients who has only had two sessions of moxibustion treatment between 12 and 19 days after the operation, Laparoscopic cholecystectomy. This patient only started his moxibustion treatment 12 days after the operation and only got a chance to do the treatments twice within 7 days. There are bruises left on the patient’s right arm where the needle were kept during the operation. 

1. Photo taken 15 days post operation,  3 days after the first session of moxibustion treatment.


2. Photo taken 21 days post operation, 5 days after the second session of  moxibustion treatment.



The bruise went away quickly after the patient had done moxibustion treatment. When the incisions and bruises on the skin can recover better and faster, the wounds inwards should recover better and faster at the same time as well. It should be really worthwhile trying this natural ancient Chinese therapy so that patients would suffer less overall post operations. 

Different acupuncture points may be involved with this moxibustion healing therapy due to different operations. But, there are some general points can be used for the overall recovery. It would be better to consult a practitioner of TCM who has the  experience with this therapy to design a specific treatment plan for each individual. 

Would like to see more people trying this therapy and get benefits post operation. 

Please note: It’s not recommended to apply this treatment near the area where the stents, pace makers,  meshes, artificial joints, or any other artificial parts etc are inside your system.

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