Testimonials (1) — Arthritis

1. Moxibustion (Ai Jiu) and Me (Part I)
I have suffered with back problems for many years. These problems are muscular arthritis and a badly twisted spine with Spondylolysis and very poor circulation which I have suffered from all my life.

I injured my feet about five years ago and developed chronic tendonitis. I have had chronic tendonitis in my hands as well. I attended my doctor with these problems but was referred on to specialist clinics, physiotherapists. But, in the end, they were unable to do anything for me to improve my standard of life and suggested that the only solution was strong pain killers with awful side effects.

I was housebound for two years and spending most of my time in bed until I met my Chinese doctor, Doctor Wang, by the end of October 2011. After a careful and thorough examination, she recommended that moxibustion treatment would be very beneficial for my condition.

I have noticed a great reduction in my pain levels and my circulation has also improved. During and after the treatment, my whole body experiences a warm feeling especially down my legs and into my feet and also down my arms into my hands. This has steadily improved as the months have passed. A skin tag which I had on my body for a number of years has dropped off after doing this self-treatment for a few months.

The beauty of this treatment is you can administer it in your own home on a daily basis and it is also very inexpensive. I usually have the treatment about 5 times per week and have found it very beneficial. As well as helping to reduced the pain and swelling in the muscles. I am able to do a few exercises which is helping to make my body more supple and also notice the condition of my skin and veins have improved.

For the past five months, I have managed to go short journeys in the car and even manage to visit the local shops which is wonderful having been housebound for so long. It is great to get out and meet a few people and have a chat.

I am very happy with my progress so far and look forward to further improvement as I continue with my moxibustion treatment. 

 B. McC.

September 2012

2. Moxibustion and Me (Part II)

Further to my first testimonial of approximately 2 years ago, I would like to state that I have been making steady progress, even though I’m now aged 74 years.

Regular moxibustion self-treatment has alleviated my severe back and hip problems, i.e. arthritis and twisted spine with spondylolysis and very poor circulation which I have suffered from all my life. I have also tendonitis in both my feet and hands.

My body has become stronger and more supple. I have been able to do light exercises and the pain in my body has lessened. 

I was using the moxibustion five or six days each week to help relieve the pain and improve my energy levels. Now, with the current improvement, I have been able to reduce to four or three days each week.

I can remain out of bed for fourteen hours each day and can travel for longer journeys by car. Had train journey today — this was my first train journey for over eight years.

I have had a fungal infection in my left thumb nail for approximately seven years which my doctor treated with all the usual drugs — but failed to clear it. Now after Doctor Wei recommended a poultice of the mugwort herb which I have been using for almost six months the infection has cleared and healthy nail has once more returned.

The process for moxibustion self-treatment can cause a certain amount of smoke and smell from the herb when lit. I use mine in the bedroom and with the window open. This quickly disappears after use. Doctor Wei comes to my home once a week but on the other days my husband had to help me as my hands were so weak and still for the first two years. Since then, I have been able to manage the treatment on my own. I will be eternally grateful to him as he had bowel cancer from years ago and had to go through major surgery and chemotherapy about a year before I started moxibustion. He never complained about the smell or the smoke from the herb and was and still is very supportive of my treatment which has now enabled us to enjoy each other’s company in the outside world once more.                                                             

B. McC

September, 2014

3. Rheumatoid condition

For about the past six years, I have had a rheumatoid condition, causing me muscular and joint problems, such as swelling, aches, pain and stiffness. My neck , shoulders, back and knees are all affected and tying to get some relief from the symptoms has become a major task.
About two years ago, I tried moxibustion treatment initially for my lower back pain. Within about ten minutes, the pain eased and this effect lasted for about two days. I then began to use this treatment at home for all my aches and pain and stiffness and swelling in my joints and muscles.

The heat penetrates really deeply and seems to be able to target the spot where it is most needed. 

It is particularly beneficial and relaxing when you find an experienced practitioner of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to do the treatment for you.

I would definitely recommend this natural ancient Chinese remedy, moxibustion (Ai Jiu) to anyone who wants effective pain relief without having to resort to pain killers

J. R.

4. Knee pain

I had inflammation on my left knee. I used the moxa stick only one time for 10 minutes. The pain and inflammation went away and did not have any discomfort there any more.

Dr. Luck, PhD


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