Testimonials (2) — Skin conditions


1. Ring warm 

I contracted ringworm on my right forearm and was advised it would be difficult to cure even with the ointment prescribed. I chose to use moxibustion and instead and ten minutes treatment each day for ten days was all that was required for an effective cure.

F. R.

2. A wart

 I have used moxa rolls very successfully for many different complaints with inflammatory arthritis, bruising joint injuries and has even cured ringworm. So, when I noticed that I had a wart, I thought why not try it for this too? I treated it several times a week and after a period of about eight weeks, it finally disappeared. So now I call the moxa rolls my magic wand!


3. Thrush

I would like to state that I had excellent results from the moxibustion treatment I received for thrush. It was very effective in treating this condition. I opted to try this treatment following the success and recommendation from a friend who had the same problem.

Thanks to Wei

Satisfied customer 2013

4. Severe Acne

I have been suffering from severe acne for 20 years. Some of the lumps burst and bleed every now and then. There is puss come out sometimes. They are painful.

One of the lumps in my left hip kept bleeding and I had to wear plasters everyday for two years. The lumps under my armpits bleed every now and then for 5-6 years.

I came to Wei, a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, for some herbal treatments, including moxibustion treatment which Wei suggested me to do at home on daily basis. The bleeding is much improved within 3 weeks so that I do not need to wear plasters everyday.

Would like to continue the treatment to see more improvement.

R. McF.



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