Testimonials (3) — Blood circulation system conditions

We would like to suggest people have heart conditions to go to see your own doctors for help. It’s better not to try this moxibustion self-treatment when you can’t have very good support from an experienced practitioner of TCM who understands western medicine and moxibustion therapy as well. 

1. I have been a patient of Doctor Wang’s. I was feeling unwell and went to my GP. An E.C.G. was done. When my GP saw it, I was referred to hospital. There was not a bed available. I spent one day in A & E. I was allowed to go home to await further tests. My problem was slow heart beat.

Dr. Wang suggested moxibustion treatment. After 1 st treatment, I asked my GP if she would do another E.C.G. which she kindly had it done for me. When she saw result of 2 nd E.C.G., she could not believe the improvement in such a short space of time. I told her of the treatment with moxibustion. She said: “Whatever you are doing, keep on doing it. I can not believe the improvement in 2 nd E.C.G.”.

I continued with moxibustion treatments at home, and everything improved greatly. During the treatment, I could feel the heat travelling to affected areas. I also found it relaxing and comforting.

I have used moxibustion for other conditions as well. I would not be without moxa sticks. They treat so many conditions.

 Mary. M


2. I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation in April 2013. My heart rates were between 200 and 240 beats per minute when I was sent to A&E by an Ambulance. Started on Warfarin 3mg or 4mg on alternative days. Started on Diltiazem 300mg per day. Started on Digoxin 125mg daily. Diltiazem reduced to 200mg per day because of dizziness in May. Kept on Perindopril 8mg which I had been on previously.

After 5 months on above medications, my doctor did an ECG for me, the reading of my heart rate was 135 beats per minute. The symptoms I had were very bad. I felt exhausted all the time and had sweats a lot especially when I tried to move about and do things. People around me could see the sweats running down my forehead and my face. My ankles were swollen. Didn’t sleep well and had urination several times most of the nights.

It was suggested to me to try moxibustion (Aijiu) treatment on certain areas on my body at home daily. I started the treatment on the 9th of September to help all my symptoms.

On the first night, my heart rate was 98 bpm before the moxibustion treatment, it came down to 85 bpm after the treatment. In about two weeks, my heart rate was around 85 bpm before the treatment, around 80-75 bpm after the treatment.

Soon after starting to use moxa rolls (Ai Tiao), I noticed the swelling in my ankles getting less (measured) 10 and ¾ inches around ankles as the day went on before starting moxibustion treatment. When on moxa rolls daily for a short time, ankles gradually measuring less until they measured 9 and ¼ inches by the end of September. And I had lost 8 lbs of weight, including some excess fluid in my system. Other symptoms are improved as well. The tiredness is less. The sweats are less and less. I can sleep better and only have urination 0-2 times per night.

M. M. S.

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