Testimonials (4) — Digestive system conditions

1. I had diarrhoea day and night for 17 days. Medications from my GP could not get it stopped. A friend of mine who was a patient of DR Wang’s introduced me to Dr Wang. Doctor Wang suggested moxibustion treatment.

After the 1st treatment, I went to bed and slept for 9 hours. On rising at 8am, I had slight diarrhoea twice. Then gradually everything started to improve. I had 1st treatment on Tuesday evening and was able to go shopping on Friday.

We had a family celebration on the Sunday which I did not think I would be able to attend. But, by doing moxibustion treatments from Tuesday to Friday, I was able to attend.

I would certainly recommend this treatment from my experience. I rang DR Wang to say a big thank you.



2. This is for testimony that Dr. Wei is a very competent, caring therapist:

I had a strong diarrhoea for one month. I was taking Imodium pills and antispstics to calm my stomach, but nothing was working. I came to Dr. Wei to have some relief. She did a complete history of my problems. Then she applied acupuncture. The day after diarrhoea stopped.
I am now in treatment using Moxibustion. I feel a lot of comfort for my stomach and chest. I will continue therapy with Dr. Wei and I recommend her for any patient needs a relief from illness.

Dr. Luck, PhD


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