Testimonials (5) –Speeding up recovery of Injuiries, including Fractures

1. Ligaments and tendons damaged

I was helping my grandson to move house and a very heavy piece of equipment fell on my hand and burst open my finger.

My son took me to hospital, where we waited 6 hours to have the finger stitched. Hospital said that the ligaments and tendons very badly damaged. And that I may not have movement in the finger again.N

My wife was using moxa rolls at the time. Dr. Wang suggested to me to use the moxa rolls on my finger which I did every day to help ligaments and tendons to heal.In less than 3 months, my finger was perfectly healed and full movement restored.

 I also do moxibustion treatment for another long standing condition successfully.


W. G. S

2. Thumb injury

Dear Dr. Wang,

I would like to thank you for introducing me to Moxibustion treatment with the use of Moxa burning rolls. I was quite sceptical in the beginning but was amazed at its healing powers when used in conjunction with your instructions.

 As you know I had a severe crush injury on my right hand thumb with a blackened nail and an oozing unfriendly looking cut on both sides of the thumb. Until I used the Moxa rolls I could see no improvement for many weeks but after a few treatments the cut was drying out and was healing amazingly quick and within only a week the cut was nearly healed and was able to use the thumb without dressings. My nail is still in the process of growing back but due to the Moxibustion treatment I feel the healing process was very much faster and with less distortion on m new nail. I will always have a moxa roll in my medicine cabinet now for treatment of cuts etc.

 I am delighted to be able to tell you the good news and will certainly spread the word about your Traditional Chinese treatment.

 Thank you.


M. L.


3. Index finger injury

I accidentally jammed my index finger in an electric grass sheavers. It was very painful and the whole end of the finger above the first joint became bruised and discoloured immediately. I started to use moxa rolls and continued twice a day and after only a few days the pain and discolouration began to reduce and very quickly healed.


J. R.


4. Open wound

I cut approximately one to one and half inches long and one mm deep off my index finger while doing wood craft work with a very sharp knife. My daughter took me to A& E in the hospital.

 They could not stitch the wound as there was no flesh meeting, the flesh was gone. Doctors advised nurses to clean and dress the wound, I was advised to return to hospital one week later as the doctor wanted to see this wound because I am diabetic therefore difficult to heal. I was told to attend local treatment room at G.P. centre every second day to have it cleaned and dressed. It was very painful yet sometimes numb it varied.

 After two weeks there was no sign whatsoever of healing even beginning, everyone including my family was getting anxious. A friend of my sister-in-law, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Wei Wang, sent me a herbal cigar (moxa roll) with instructions how to use. I lit the item which did resemble a normal cigar. When I lit it a burning glow and heat was created. I was to hold it as close as safe towards the wound for a several minutes at a time.

 The amazing results were, the wound had now begun healing from the very first treatment and I could see it work and in a few days the result of healing was tremendous. I thank Wei for her consideration and the moxibustion self-treatment which healed so rapidly.

W. Moore

5. Fracture

Having fractured a metatarsal I attended A+E at my local hospital. I was told to expect two weeks of pain and a further four weeks of discomfort, however, following moxibustion treatment twice daily for 10 days, as recommended by Wei, I was thoroughly surprised by the shortened recovery time for this injury. The toe, which had swollen significantly and was badly discoloured with bruising, returned to a more normal colour after only 2 days of treatment as the bruising healed. The swelling took a few weeks to subside but after one week the sharpness of the pain was gone and after a further week the discomfort was sufficiently lessened to allow unrestricted movement and exercise.

Many thanks.

G. Oswick

6. Cheekbone Ecchymoma

I attended Lotus in August after having a fall severe bruising to my face, Wei suggested moxibustion and as soon as I started using this I noticed a difference overnight. Within 1-2 weeks the bruising had disappeared. I stopped using the sticks and still had a slight bump on the bone which I was told would take months to settle. Wei advised me to start the moxibustion again and in the space of a weekend my work colleagues noticed an improvement in the swelling.

To get the best of the treatment you really need to adhere strictly to the instructions of using it twice a day. I noticed the difference if you only used it now and again and when used twice a day for several days. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend moxibustion for bruising, swelling and injury, and indeed when reading up on this medicine it has been proven to turn a breech baby and can help in infertility which I found amazing. I feel it’s just a shame they don’t use traditional Chinese medicine and conventional medicine together as they do in hospitals in China.

A. Craig

November 2013


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