Case study (2) — Can Moxibustion, Aijiu(艾灸), help Hypothyroidism (Underactive Thyroid)?

Hypothyroidism, often called Underactive thyroid, is a common disorder when your thyroid gland produces less thyroid hormone than it should which would cause the metabolism to run too slow and your system to have less energy.  There are various signs and symptoms of it, depending on the severity of the thyroid hormone deficiency.

We are not going through the details of its symptoms, complications, blood tests,  method of treatments in western medicine, etc., in this article as people can get all the related information online so easily nowadays. 

In China, apart from taking western medicine, some patients have this condition turn to traditional Chinese medicine(TCM), including ancient Chinese herbal medicine and dietetic therapy, as well. Some of them have been helped with TCM successfully. 

The patient’s story we are going to tell you here is just an individual case. As far as we have known, there are more similar cases reported in China. 

It is important to work with your doctors together so that your conditions can get monitored and controlled well. Although this Chinese lady didn’t take western medications, she went for blood tests to monitor her condition regularly.

Moxibustion might not be the cure for this condition, but, could be an extra help for it. 

The Chinese lady’s age is 38. She was diagnosed with Underactive thyroid in 2014. Her blood tests results continued getting worse. By March, 2015, her blood test results were still abnormal. 

We gave her some advices on diet and moxibustion self treatment. She tried to do the moxibustion self treatment as often as she could since April, 2015. In about seven weeks, one of the readings of her blood test for thyroid function came back to normal. On the 24/08/2015,  all her blood test results were back to normal. Of course, she herself feels a lot better overall, symptoms wise.

With her permission, we post some of her blood tests results here:

16/06/2014, TSH 5.0 uIU/mL.  Reference range: 0.27 – 4.2 uIU/mL.

26/11/2014, TSH 5.7 uIU/mL.

19/03/2015, TSH 6.73 uIU/mL.

                       FT4 II 10.65pmol/L. Reference range: 12 – 22pmol/L

21/05/2015, TSH 3.99 uIU/mL.

                       FT4 II 10.29pmol/L.

24/08/2015, TSH 4.07 uIU/mL.

                        FT4II 12.88pmol/L.

The reason why we are sharing this case here is because we would like to see people who suffer from Hypothroidism can get some extra help with some natural remedies, no matter they are on any medications for it or not. It doesn’t mean TCM, including moxibustion, can cure this condition for everyone who suffers from it. According to what we have seen, there are people have got good results by trying ancient Chinese natural remedies. Hope the information here will be useful for anyone who has the same condition and wants to try moxibustion treatment.

Would like to try moxibustion self treatment at home? Contact us for further instruction would be made for you based on your overall health.

4 Replies to “Case study (2) — Can Moxibustion, Aijiu(艾灸), help Hypothyroidism (Underactive Thyroid)?”

  1. Amanda says:

    I’d like more information


    • WEI WANG says:

      Thanks for your interest, Amanda. This blog is for sharing the information about this type of ancient Chinese therapy may help people with some of their health issues. But for further information about how to try it and if it could be safe enough for you to try, we would like to suggest a thorough online consultation first. The person is mentioned in the case study hadn’t got any other health issues. For people have more than one health complaints, he or she should be more careful about deciding what to try and what not to try.


  2. Paul Chielman says:

    Hi. Great info. I an Shiatsu Practitioner. Would like to know the points used in this case study. Many people suffer from underactive thyroid. Please advice me
    Regards Paul


    • WEI WANG says:

      Thanks for your interest. This blog is just a platform for people to share their stories about using traditional Chinese moxibustion home therapy for their health issues. We also post some successful cases, sometimes, to let people know that this type of ancient self treatment might be an option for anyone who would like to try it for certain condition(s) of his or hers. It should be better to find local practitioners who are very experienced with this therapy for further instructions of how to do or to have a consultation with us. This therapy is not only about using some acupuncture points. Acupuncture points used for people have the same condition can be vary due to the full health pictures of theirs are different. Therefore, we didn’t post the acupuncture points had been used in this case on the blog. Sorry for not telling you about them at present. Hope you understand it.

      Best regards.


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